>Hey, Christy…


Hey, Christy… Speaking of important things… Do you remember our beach trip this past summer? Remember what we did? What God did? The henna tattoos by Wendell? (Who we really DID witness to…) The pina colada, our sunrise worship service and the dolphins that showed up to it? The fluffy bed and the hammock? Those apple cake things for breakfast and wine in plastic cups? (I still have the key in my kitchen drawer… just in case) Remember the cucumber water and that little blue rental car? That little fried seafood restaurant with obnoxious things on the menu… what was it’s name? OH! Tacky Jacks!! Remember the shooting stars and falling asleep on the beach feeling SO connected to God? Those crazy little crabs? Norah Jones and Switchfoot?
We laughed and we wept and it’s one of my favorite experiences of all time. I was just taking it out and enjoying it again today. We are rich, my friend. If only with the memories of that experience, we’re rich. Not to mention we have many more memories reaching back lots of years, and hopefully many more to come.
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3 Responses to >Hey, Christy…

  1. Woman on the Edge says:

    >uh…YEAH I remember! I’ll post something about it tonight, maybe πŸ™‚ But did you HAVE to pick the worst pictures of me out of the whole bunch??? Ha!

    <3 Christy

  2. Woman on the Edge says:

    >Hee hee! I didn’t think we had any bad pictures from that weekend. I love these because though they aren’t glamorous, they’re of two real women havin’ a real good time!!

  3. Woman on the Edge says:

    >Oh….awright. That is true, and sometimes vanity gets the best of me πŸ™‚

    <3 Christy

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