>Yeah, Beck? (This sounds like Hee Haw)

>Isn’t it funny how nearly losing your life will change your perspective? It’s a lesson that most people never learn, and of those who do, many are not nearly as young as we are. I had my own brush with death when Emma was born. I think it really changed a lot about me, even though I was only in my mid-twenties. Maybe you HAVE to have a day that you can mark down and say, “if that had been my last day, what would have mattered about me?” I can tell you that since then, I have been utterly unconcerned about the trappings of success. I’m a college dropout who lives in a kinda yucky neighborhood and drives a free car. But, I LOVE what I have! And I have turned away from most of that other stuff to enjoy every smile from my kids, to bake a birthday cake from scratch for everybody in a 12-mile radius of me. That’s what will matter most about me if I’m gone tomorrow.
So, yeah…..I remember our trip. I remember our wonderful, wild weekend! How cool that your car broke, and we got a cute little blue rental with a CD player! How cool that I just happened to bring all of my favorite music along, and we got to have sound track for the weekend!
Wasn’t our waitress at Tacky Jack’s just a little too interested in us?? Haha! And poor Wendell! He didn’t know what to do with two “preacher’s wives” baring indecent parts in public to get henna tattoos that very few people would actually get to see!!! Maybe this year, we should get real ones! That one little crab on the beach that kept throwing sand at us was just a menace! He kept popping out of his little hole and checking to see if we had left yet so that he could go about his business!
I was just remembering this week about the shooting stars. And I love that I got to show you one of my favorite things in the whole world – just laying down in the sand with your clothes on. No preparation, no swimming suits, no towels…..just come-as-you-are and enjoy the coolness of the sand at night, bury your fingers in it and get sand in your belly button (then you remember the sand for a long time. It takes about a week for it all to come out of your belly button….)
So, here are a couple of MY favorite pictures from our weekend:

My beautiful friend! Even though you’re not looking at the camera, I can see your heart shining out from the inside!

There’s me, posing by the ocean……one of my favorite places to be!

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment, but I just wanted to join with you in cherishing a wonderful memory and remind you that you are so special, so vital to me! We are a testament to the importance of a good girlfriend in every girl’s life! We have passed every milestone in our lives together, and I am so thankful that there will be many more ahead for us! I couldn’t do it without you!

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