>Taking Advice

>Levi on tattling:

“Robert ALWAYS has to do that. He tells on somebody ALL the time, he always has to have something to tell on. It’s like “DUDE… take a break!!”

I SO feel his pain. There is something going on right now that makes my heart say “Seriously???? I mean, REALLY??? After everything you have already done to me and my children… now this????” It’s like “DUDE… take a break!”

Maybe it’s the size of my belly, and the size of the hormone surges I’m having. Maybe it’s exhaustion or fear or whatever. I’m just having trouble finding my usual look-on-the-bright-side attitude. I’m frustrated with people and humanity and the general stupidity of a person who unfortunately has influence on my babies. Honestly, I’m frustrated with God a little too. It’s not like He doesn’t already know this, so don’t you freak out ok? I just feel like I tried to honor Him through forgiveness and through sticking out a marriage that was doomed. I tried to be the hero, to forgive when it wasn’t deserved, to keep going when no one knew how I was suffering. I tried to hold it all together, for the sake of my family and for the sake of His church. And now… this situation just continues to plague me, even after I’ve finally been released from it and gone on toward wholeness.

I feel like crying out for mercy from this. I feel like asking “How long? and WHY???” Mostly I also feel frustrated that no one seems to be caring what is best for my children. Perhaps pregnancy has me feeling SUPER maternal right now, but I just can’t get over how precious my children are, and how undeserved all of their suffering has been. WHO’s looking out for them?? Well, me and God that’s who. But still I wish I could make other people wake up and realize that they are really what is important.

Ugh. I’m tired of all this, and tired of being tired of it. I want to go on with my life and love my husband and enjoy our new baby. And that I will do. We all will.

Perhaps I should take Levi’s advice after all. I mean “Dude… take a break!” isn’t a bad sounding deal. Maybe a break and a little perspective will help… and some chinese food…


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