>The Devil’s Jukebox

>I have a nail in my tire. The front passenger side. Don’t know where I picked it up, but it’s glaring and obvious, it even has a green circle-ey thing around the head of the nail. So I’m riding around with a green circle nailed into my tire.

This morning I sent my son to school without his book report. Again. It was due Friday and he and I completed it and left it on the table where it remained as we departed for school Friday morning. This morning I did it again, left it right there waiting to be placed in a backpack and turned in. What is wrong with me?

This morning I also fed my kids bananas and Little Debbie cakes for breakfast. In the car. We were running late, no time even for cereal. I only had one granola bar, but I had three bananas and two Little Debbie cakes. And bottled water. I did make them eat the bananas first.

My baby slept nearly two hours past his wake up time on Sunday morning. Instead of relishing the extra sleep, I stressed about what could be going wrong to make him sleep so much. He’s overdue for immunizations and could be contracting some dread disease. So when am I going to take off work and take him in for shots?

My big boy’s birthday is tomorrow. I have cupcakes ready for his class, but I never called his teacher to tell her. I hope she lets them have the cupcakes. I attempted the call several times, only to be thwarted by some urgent thing or another. So the call never got completed. He’s going to be eight. I haven’t planned a big party with cute invitations and treat bags of junk for all his friends. I never can seem to pull that off. It’s just going to be us and Chuck E Cheese. He really wants Chuck E Cheese and since there are no treat bags and friends for a party, Chuck E will have to do the job. I’m not going to think about the mom who gave out hand made halloween themed burp cloths to everyone at the daycare. But I bet she’d have treat bags of junk and 20 kids at the party.

I printed a newsletter at work. I went against my gut and my better judgement and chose the cheaper company to print it. And I hate how it looks. It’s well written but looks terrible. Why didn’t I listen to my instinct and go with the other company? I saved a hundred bucks but my newsletter looks crappy.

I have only one bottle of milk for the baby for tomorrow. I can’t seem to figure out the right amount of milk and right pumping schedule to be able to keep extra milk on hand. I try to pump at night but for some reason my body refuses to let the milk go. And mostly I’m too tired.

Plus I have a nail in my tire. Did I tell you about that? I’m driving three kids around in a car with a nail in the tire.

This blog is horrible and terribly negative. You are probably alarmed at its tone. I like to think I’m an upbeat person, generally happy, with a positive outlook. Yet the preceding litany of condemnation is precisely the way I speak to myself. It’s the playlist in my head. The devil’s jukebox selections and he never seems to run out of quarters.

I have to wonder if my constant barrage of self inflicted condemnation has an effect on my mood. Ya THINK? But how do I stop? The bottom line is, I want to be better. I want to host cool, fun birthdays for my kids. I want to feed them nutritious breakfasts, hot ones, with time to digest before we lurch toward school. I want more milk than Kleinpeter Dairy, and I feel like if I fed my baby better (more milk?) maybe he would be… what? Bigger? fatter? healthier? He’s healthy and happy, just like my other two are. See, I don’t even know what I want. But I still can’t let myself off the hook. I just said I want to be better, but the truth is, I have an unrealistic desire to be PERFECT.

Maybe every mom has it, maybe I’m one of the few, the proud, the insane enough to admit it. Or maybe I just have issues with perfectionism. I don’t know and even this moment I resist the urge to resolve this post with a happy little ending, all tied in a bow. I don’t know what to do, and I’m tired of wearing myself out. I desperately want to let it all go, but have no idea how to let it all go without… well, letting it all go, if you know what I mean.

Somebody pray for me. My joy is buried somewhere in this pile of thoughts and worries. Tomorrow’s a new day, and will bring new mercies, I know. But tonight is looking like sack cloth and ashes.

And there’s a nail in my tire.

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