>Letting Go

>After a lot of thought and consideration, the choice was made to open my hands and open my heart and let it go. As of now, I no longer play keys at Riverside. I’ve learned so much there. I’ve learned that real love is possible, grace is for all of us, and that sometimes God’s people DO come through. I’ve also learned that sometimes it’s just plain time to let go. I’m learning that sometimes it’s just plain ok to let go and walk away, regardless of what people think or whether the true situation will come to light or whether everyone will know my side of the story. Not always, mind you. There are times and places to stand firm no matter what may come. But there are times when the best thing for all involved is to release things before they become a total heartbreak. I let go of wanting everyone to think I’m right.

I let go of something today. It’s something that was once precious to me, and I’ve long wrestled with the guilt of not enjoying it as much as I once did. I’ve long wondered what’s wrong with me and what to do about it. It’s grown into one big sticky emotional tangle in my life. And today I let it go. No more trying to untangle the strings. No more trying to make myself fit in a place where I don’t fit anymore. I let go of my need to fit in.

I had a LOT to say about it. I had plenty of feelings to express. I wrote them in a long email and then deleted the whole thing. I realized that voicing my feelings would not bring a result and it would be more painful to communicate those feelings and then realize… nobody cared, than it would be to leave them unsaid. So I let go of what I had to say. And it’s interesting how those negative feelings didn’t really see the need to stick around once I let go of them.

And so I say only a fond farewell to my Riverside family. To those of you who know me, you know it’s also a farewell to the last bit of a tattered and torn security blanket of all I once knew and believed about following God. I let go of my need for other people to approve of the way I worship. Perhaps now I’m ready to really worship for the first time in a long time.

Now I’m following God to entirely new places and it’s good. He’s taking me even further out to the edge, and, breathing freer and moving faster due to my lighter load, I’m ready.

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