Reason #6 Why I Can’t Say No

Reason #6 Why I Can’t Say No:  There’s so much I want to DO!!!

I want to write another book.  I’d like to be a stay-at-home mom.  I’d also like a successful career in the workplace, plus pick up some speaking engagements here and there.  I’d like to throw parties that are fun and full of intelligent conversation and laughter.  I’d like to have a vibrant, romantic marriage, and I’d also like to devote myself tirelessly to my children.  I want to make homemade bread, candlelit dinners, and have an organized, well-used coupon book.  I’d just LOVE to own a cupcake store, and also possibly a barbecue joint.  I’d like to host a women’s discussion group or book club, and be classroom parent for all of my children.  I’d like to be a gym rat, never missing exercise and I’d also like to lie around eating sweets.  I’d like to make cherry pie from scratch.  I’d like to host holiday dinners at my home on my holiday dishes, ones with cute little fall leaves for thanksgiving, and some with holly berries on them for Christmas.  I’d like to use cloth napkins.  I’d like to help a friend out every day.  I’d like to keep a coffee pot hot at all times for all the friends who stop by to talk and I’d like to send them away encouraged, loved, and lighter in spirit.  I’d also like to sit around my local Starbucks looking funky with my laptop and glasses, noticed for my good looks but left alone to create beautiful words.  I’m growing my hair out and I’d like to have my pixie back.  I’d like to play music with my friends in a smoky little bar in the quarter somewhere, what with all my jazz piano skills, right? Maybe I’d better just sip my drink and listen.  I’d like to be thin and wear heels, but I love my curves and a comfy pair of jeans.  I’d like to drive a red mustang, but a minivan is on my wishlist too.   I want a porch with rocking chairs attached to a dear old house and a sleek apartment uptown.

So, never you mind, my friends, if I have to say no to something you ask me to do.  Trust completely that the DESIRE to say yes is in me.  I really, really want to experience everything life has to offer.   I’d like to do everything, be everything, try everything.  I just plain love living, and sometimes I say yes to too many things simply because I really DO want to do it all!

Awww, all those things are nice to think about and dream of.  Here’s what I know:  I have a family who loves me, a relatively healthy body, and a mind that is still clinging to some shreds of its sanity.  I have what I need.  What am I complaining about to be so abundantly blessed, to have SO much potential for enjoyment and not enough time to enjoy it all?  Pppshhhh!

How about I just enjoy it?  And when those times come along when I have to select from a group of blessings and possibilities just one or two things that realistically fit into my life, I’ll simply whisper words of gratitude to the One who has seen fit to bless me beyond my wildest dreams.  I’ll trust that He has numbered my days in just the way He knows they should be, and I’ll ask Him not to let me miss those experiences He created for me alone.  No more feeling like I fall short for saying No.  Saying no is just evidence that I’m blessed beyond capacity.  Who, after all, wouldn’t want that?

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