Not Interested

One of our residents received a phone call this morning. Here’s how it went:

Nurse: Good morning, Ms. Edna, this is Sharon, Dr. Tipton’s nurse calling to do your pacemaker check over the telephone.
Ms. Edna: I’m NOT INTERESTED!!   Click….

The nurse called me giggling and asked for some help getting Ms. Edna’s attention and helping her understand that the pacemaker check really isn’t an option. I giggled too, and thought how I wish I could cope with my problems that way.

To so many things, I’d just say “NOT INTERESTED” and hang it up!! But wait…. don’t I have that option? I mean, I can’t avoid my problems forever, but I don’t have to dwell on them and allow them to captivate my interest.

Here’s what I AM interested in: building a good marriage with my handsome husband, my beautiful children, awesome family and friends. I’m interested in a quiet afternoon to write, in a loud evening with the girls this Friday. I’m interested in the barely-intelligible things my toddler earnestly says to me and the unstoppable energy of my eight-year-old and the sweet secrets shared with my big girl of thirteen. I’m interested in God’s grace and what He might want to change about me. I’m interested in thanking Him for my blessings.

As for worry, stress, anger, bitterness, perfectionism, what other people say about me, and the unrealistic expectations I have for myself….. NOT INTERESTED!


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