It’s My Life

It’s My Life!


Riding bikes and baking cakes

Yummy steak my husband makes

Baby drifts off for a nap

Rocking sweet upon my lap.


Coming home, worked hard today.

“Mommy’s here!” the kids all say.

Homework’s done and dinner starts

Fill five tummies, warm five hearts.


Squeals of laughing, playing kids

“Honey, please unscrew this lid.”

Sign report cards, answer the phone

Can’t believe how much they’ve grown.


Friends are over, coffee’s hot

Soup is served up from the pot.

Prayers are said, hugs all around

Tears are shed and comfort found.


Teenage lip gloss sparkles bright

“Can I go?” ” Not yet, not quite!”

Three sweet faces, loved so much

Still need mom’s reassuring touch.


Grab the keys, get in the car

Running late, it’s not too far!

Happy meals and candlelight

Making up after a fight.


Folded laundry, warm and dry

Dirty pile still standing high.

Pop the top, our favorite drink,

Suds go sliding down the sink.


“Do we have to?  Can’t we wait?”

“Pick up your room, get it all straight.”

Diapers, bottles, sweaty heads

“Get your baths and get to bed!”


All together, on one team

This is the stuff of my dreams.

Light the candles, be a wife,

Imperfect, perfect, it’s my life!


Reflecting on a quiet Saturday afternoon over the week I’ve had and realizing how blessed I am.  Wrote this just for fun!

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