What IS Hungry, Anyway?

Who said we needed to be hungry to eat??

My stomach evidently can’t tell the difference between hungry and BORED.  Yep.  I totally eat when I get bored.   I also find myself vulnerable to feeding myself regardless of the presence of a hunger sensation when I’m tired and when I’m lonely.  Oh yeah, and when I’m happy, too!  I mean, it’s my BIRTHDAY, so I’ve GOTTA eat cake, right??  I also eat because it’s TIME.  And because it’s polite to eat what someone else lovingly made for me.

Here’s the difficult part:  Ignore your body’s signals long enough and they become harder to understand and recognize.

It’s a challenge for me, especially with the constant presence of food around me and food-centered activities, to listen to and figure out my body’s hunger signals.  Do I even know what they are?  (The experience of hunger CAN be different for everyone.)

Let me think…

Well, I know what REALLY hungry feels like.  (My husband and I laughingly refer to this as “pissed-off hungry”)  Sometimes, when I get home from work he’ll ask if I’m hungry.  I’ll reply that I’m so hungry I could injure someone. Then, I’ll tear up in envy of my thin husband with his superman metabolism and immunity from overeating.  I’ll stalk off or start to cry.  (See where we got the name?)  This is because serious hunger for me causes irritability.  Even aggressiveness actually.  I also sometimes start to shake, get a headache, or experience nervousness or anxiety.  I know this is caused by the drop in blood sugar.

But what does regular hungry feel like?  You know, just the body’s gentle signal that it’s time to refuel.  I have to admit I’m not too sure. I know that I overeat often when I get REALLY hungry, but what if I could recognize the signal early enough to go ahead and feed myself while I’m still in control and not in a desperate attempt to alleviate the REALLY hungry symptoms?

I know God built this mechanism into my body.  I guess it’s time to take a few days to dust it off and figure out how to use it!!

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