Why I Love New Orleans

In light of the onslaught of negative publicity our city is no doubt receiving due to the unfortunate events of Halloween night, I thought I’d give you a list of my top ten reasons for loving New Orleans:

1) Kissing.  Lots of kissing.

2) Muffalettas.  Beautiful, wonderful, oily, olive-ey muffalettas.  With the sesame seeds on top of the bread nice and toasty.  Sigh.

3) Streetcars!!  With the windows open, wind blowing in your hair on your way down St. Charles Ave.

4) Go-cups!!!!!!!

5) Getting called “baby” (pronounced baaaaaaaayyybeh) “honey” “sugah” and “dawlin'” by pretty much everyone like grocery cashiers, doctors office receptionists, coworkers, friends…

6) Mardi Gras!  Where else in the United States can you find a celebration of it’s kind?

7) Lenten menus.  At Taco Bell.

8 ) King Cakes!  Petit Fours! Snow Balls!  Doberge! Beignets!  Shoe soles! Pralines!  This town is a paradise for a sugar lover like me.

9) French bread.  This town is serious about french bread.  From po-boys to pudding, french bread gets its warm, soft, crusty, delicious place of honor.

10) Parties and parades.  This city will have a parade for anything, and a party for everything.  There’s something to be said for celebrating life.  Life’s pain will demand enough of our attention.  Celebrating life’s pleasures is an art this town has mastered.  There are lessons to be learned from that.

It ain’t all bad, this crazy town.  There’s a lot to love here, too.

I’m just sayin….

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