>Babies Everywhere!

> Today, I hosted a group of mommies at my house. Everyone I know has just had babies (except me – I’m quite done with that, thank you) and I decided I would like to be the one to give them a place to congregate and have a cookie or two! So, here are the three cuties that were present today. Copious amounts of drool and many brightly colored toys were shared. Raucous fun was had by all! Oh – and the babies had a good time too.
I’m just really excited to hang out with my friends. No agendas, no Bible studies, no purpose – just being together and getting out of the house. Well, they get out of their houses. But I’m okay with that.
Playing chess with my son! He finally cornered me and sat me down to school me on the ways of competitive chess. Yes…..my son is on the chess team. All in all, I didn’t do half bad!

<3 Christy

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