>Miles To Go

>Ugh. I had no idea how much more work it would be to get two kids to school than it was to get one. My kids go to a private school, though, and there is a much higher level of expectation for the parents to live up to. I mean, Mondays they have to wear their PE shirts, and PE shorts are optional. My son has chapel on Wednesdays and has a certain uniform for that, and my daughter has chapel alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and has a certain uniform for that. On top of that there is the optional Mileage Club shirt, for the running club that my kids are in, which can be worn on Tuesdays, and the Chess Club shirt for my son, which he would normally wear on Mondays, because that’s when Chess Club meets, except that he’s required to wear his PE shirt on Mondays. So, if he really wants to wear his Chess Club shirt to Chess Club, I have to remember to pack it in his backpack.
And that’s just the uniforms!
I am really enjoying the quiet of the day that comes between bursts of morning and afternoon activity, though. Having the little guy over that I watch keeps me busy, but not really THAT busy. I remember when I had my first baby and I thought it was so difficult. I find it really funny now that just the one baby is such an easy thing to handle in light of my other duties!
So….now that I have served my homemade dinner, complete with chocolate cake, read a chapter from our current story to the kids and they are neatly tucked in, I must attend to the duties of preparation for tomorrow.
Let’s see….tomorrow is Tuesday….now, what uniform did I say I would have to iron????
I served the kids their after-school snack on the porch today. It was so nice to just be outside, enjoying the afternoon storms that were rolling in, and away from the electronic gadgets that constantly pull my children’s eyes away from mine.
And also, chocolate cake.

<3 Christy

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