>Eatin’ Healthy

>It’s official. The kids and I decided on the way to school this morning. Here’s how it went down:

Me: (Handing the kids their on-the-run breakfast of chocolate muffins) “It’s not exactly a nutritious breakfast, but it IS a delicious one!”

Kids: Yeah!

Levi: Wellllll… I think chocolate is healthy. I mean it has milk in it, right?

Mackenzie: Yeah, and it comes from a plant.

Me: Well you’re right. Chocolate’s practically a VEGETABLE!!!

We all laughed like crazy and it was unanimous! Eatin’ chocolate IS eatin’ healthy!!

Any kid of mine has a sweet tooth inherited directly from me. And now that chocolate is a healthy food… well…

Hee hee! Maybe I won’t get mother of the year for this morning’s breakfast, but it was SO worth the moment of crazy laughter with my awesome children. Even my little one-toothed guy was giggling! I’ll be treasuring that moment all day.

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