>This morning as Levi was getting out of the car for school, we had this conversation:

Me: “You are the best little boy I know.”

Levi: “And you are the best BIG mom that I know.”

I chuckled a little and cringed a little at the idea of being called a BIG mom.

Levi: (Flashing his signature grin and irresistible charm) “Good thing I didn’t say ‘little mom’!”

For a boy who can’t wait to be big, calling me a little mom is something he’d never do! What sounded at first like a childish faux pas, was actually a high compliment from my Levi. I suppose it all depends upon the perspective. I’d do well to remember that in pretty much every other area of my life.

So today I’m proud to be a BIG mom, and to have once again been reminded of one of life’s important lessons by a little guy who didn’t even know he was schooling me.

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