>Twin Skin

>I have “twin skin.” I’ve actually had it for years, even though I didn’t learn the term until last week when I ran across the site Shape of a Mother. It’s interesting to me that I’m nearly 35, and still sometimes struggling with issues pertaining to the general size and shape of my body. Although, it shouldn’t surprise me since I work daily with women over the age of 80 who still struggle with the same issues.

I’m thankful for beauty. I see it all over, in the gorgeous hydrangeas my husband bought me for valentine’s day, in the eyes of my children, the sky when its blue shouts too loudly to be ignored, in the ocean, all OVER my husband and yes… sometimes I see it in me.

I daily encounter the effects of aging on the body, and in doing so I see that a beautiful person needs much more than physical beauty to remain truly beautiful.

I must remember the fact that my body is merely a vessel. It’s a container that houses me and carries me through my time here in the world. Perhaps while I’m in this body, God will use it (and lots of other things) to create a more beautiful me. But the truth is, I’ll leave this body behind one day, and whether or not it was beautiful won’t matter at all.

In my observation, one can be very beautiful and completely untouchable. I don’t think I’d go for that. I’d rather be… ahem… fluffy, and wrinkled and stretch marked, with laugh lines and all… as long as I have people to wrap my flabby arms around! What good is a perfect face without something to smile about? What good is a flat stomach without babies to throw their arms around you?

I’ve found my body’s stretch marks are evidence that my heart can stretch too. The extra padding on my hips is evidence of chocolate fondue nights with my best girlfriends. Those occasional gray hairs that pop up are the result of sorrows and stresses that “season” me.

May my imperfections only serve to welcome someone in. May my “less beautiful” physical qualities be the very thing that draws someone to me when they need a shoulder to cry on, a good homemade molasses cookie, or a flabby-armed hug on a rough day. May the shape of this mother be something that constantly communicates love. Husband-wife love, mommy-baby love, sister-sister love, and most of all, the endless love that flows from a heart that has known the love of God Himself.

Twin skin… I’ll take it!

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