>Why I Love Old Ladies

>Today, I did a talk for a small group of older women. Since it’s Mardi Gras, I thought the appropriate thing to do would be to bring a King Cake to share with the group. So I stopped at LaLouisianne, my personal fave in the King Cake department, and purchased a cream cheese filled masterpiece. This King Cake, unlike some others, has no hole in the middle. It’s chock full of gooey cream cheese filling, iced with a creamy white icing and covered in fluffy purple, green, and gold sugar.
(Yes. The sugar is fluffy. It’s amazing.)

I was about to begin my talk, and I asked “Shall we talk first and then eat, or eat first and then talk?” The immediate reply was: “Eat first, honey!” Not one to argue with that, I started cutting the cake. I cut large slices, since there were only about 13 in the group and I didn’t intend to leave with cake. The room immediately went into action. Soft, wrinkly, yet able hands passed around napkins and cake. Everyone participated in the distribution, and everyone jumped right in on eating her piece. They declared in agreement with me, that this was indeed the BEST King Cake there is.

As they buzzed around the room and exclaimed over the cake, I had an epiphany. I noticed to myself that not ONE person had anything to say about the calorie count of the cake. Nobody said “Oh, not me! I couldn’t POSSIBLY have a piece, it’s not on my diet!” Nobody said, “I’m too fat to eat that.” Nobody even said (my own pet peeve of dessert rejection phrases) “That’s TOO SWEET for me!” (preposterous!!!)

These ladies, the youngest in her mid sixties, thoroughly enjoyed the cake AND (so they said) the talk. I thoroughly enjoyed their enjoyment. No pretense. No feigning a lack of desire for the deliciousness of that King Cake. No worries about the waistline or even worse, worries about LOOKING worried about the waistline. (You ladies KNOW what I’m talking about…. and YES I said it out loud.)

This kind of abandon is rare among women my age, and sadly among believers in general. But for that shining moment, they indulged, I enjoyed… and I really believe…..

God smiled.

THAT, my friends, is why I love old ladies.

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