Once I spent a life-changing weekend at a fabulous B&B on the beach.  The house was gorgeous, rustic and charming.  The white sand and blue waves were mesmerizing, but the late July heat was exhausting!  We came back into the house in the afternoon, probably as hot as I’ve ever been, and that says a lot for a Florida-turned-New Orleans girl who’s never seen the falling snow.  The innkeepers had set out a lovely glass pitcher filled with ice, water, lime, and cucumber slices.  A simple girl like me had never seen such a thing, but that afternoon I experienced the most refreshing, thirst quenching physical drink of my life.  That pitcher welcomed me and its contents comforted me.

That’s what I want this blog to be.  A pitcher full of something comforting and refreshing, pouring out for anyone who may need a smile, a laugh, or a visit with a friend.

The Rebekah of the Bible had her own pitcher.  Check out Genesis 22 to see her story.  There are many things that intrigue me about my Bible namesake.  (I still claim her though my name is spelled differently.  No difference in pronounciation and that’s good enough for me!) Scripture tells us that when asked for a drink, Rebekah quickly lowered her pitcher and offered water not only to the man who asked, but offered to water his camels as well.  From what I understand, this act involved way more than simply making one trip to the water source.  Rebekah’s quick thinking act of compassion and friendship identified her as the answer to a desperate prayer, and ushered her into her destiny as a matriarch of Israel.

In the same way, my heart wants to jump at every chance to pour out what God has placed in my “pitcher,” in the hope that He will in some way use the experiences and ideas He gives me to share with anyone who might like to hear.

The pitcher is set out.  I hope you’ll stop by often and enjoy whatever’s pouring!

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