Everyday OK

My house is quiet. Everyone’s asleep except me.  It’s that time of day to take a deep breath and evaluate.  Plus it’s much easier to blog while my two year old snoozes and the only sticky fingers vying for my laptop keys are my own.

Ya know I’m kind of liking this “being ok” thing. Ok really liking it.

During Hurricane Isaac, I was blessed to have someone with me like Bex, who needed no coddling or special treatment. She gave me the space to mostly be silent and stare at the rain, and the grace to deal with my children through a difficult situation. I didn’t have to come up with fascinating topics of conversation and was able to just process the situation as it went on. That girl knows true friendship. In hindsight, probably the hardest part for me was that faith crisis brought about by possible impending disaster. Will God keep me and my family safe? What will I do if He doesn’t? Is it worth it to even ask? Can my faith withstand what would happen if things go badly? But I processed as I went, wanting to hold more tightly to God Himself than to my expectations of what He would or would not do. And through it all I was ok. Perfect, no. Ok, yes.

I’m also rediscovering some things I enjoy. Like taking my kids to the library:


And being at least a little domesticated:  (Or a LOT domesticated since this from-scratch waffle recipe called for egg whites beaten until stiff peaks form and then folded into the batter.  My mixer bit the dust last month so, yes, I beat them by hand, all the while growing in respect for the women of former days without such conveniences as electric mixers and Bisquick.  But hey… if we’re ever alone on a desert island I can beat egg whites to stiff peaks.  Aren’t you glad to know that?)


Reading a great book: (This one I’ve read twice through at least. It’s from Jan Karon’s Mitford Series.  I’d call it the “macaroni and cheese” of literature as far as its ability to comfort and soothe.  Make that BACON macaroni and cheese. I never, ever get tired of these books.)


And watching my sister sing at her church through their Sunday morning webcast. Thank you, technology!  Right after I took this pic came the best shot of all three kids giving the “mom’s boo-hooing again” look as I burst into tears at the sight and sound of Angie on the screen.  Too bad I was blubbering too hard to capture that one.



Life and love, my friends, are good things.  Even just everyday ok is chock full of blessings.

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