That’s Ya’ll Boyfriend

Oh. My. Goodness.


Fun doesn’t do it justice. Fabulous is a gross understatement. Ca-razy might come a little closer but still not quite accurate.

We. had. an. INCREDIBLE. time!!!

Considering the jam-packed nature of both our lives and schedules, it’s nothing short of a miracle that Christy and I carved out three days to spend alone together.


Wellll… not quite alone, really. There were hosts and hostesses, patient friends, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, tour guides, jazz musicians, streetcar operators, and plenty of other colorful characters who pitched in to make our weekend happen. Not the least of which would be two fantastic husbands who played Mr. Mom, and contented themselves with a seat on the bench while their two wives played starting positions on the team of ENJOYMENT. They made life happen without us and were genuinely happy to see us have fun. Those are great guys, I tell ya.

As I mentioned in my last post, it’s been seven years since last we attempted such an indulgence. We had a lot of making up to do. And we did a darn good job!!

When you’ve been friends for ohhh, twenty five years or something, there begins to exist between you a language all its own. Inside jokes, knowing looks, laughter for no apparent reason… all these are part of the weaving together of hearts and lives through friendship. I joked with Christy this morning that if we create many more memories like this, we’ll be telepathic with so much shared experience. It really feels as though she is more with me and I with her, even though we aren’t with each other at all. But we share so much, and have added in heaps and piles to our shared stuff over the past three days. I lost count of how many times one of us said, “I was just about to say the same thing.”


It’s not easy, you know, to share that much of your heart with another person. Especially one that isn’t legally bound to you in any way. Especially when 777 miles separate you physically. Especially when both of you drop in bed exhausted at the end of every dizzying day with no desire to say another word to another person. Especially when life takes twists and turns and opinions and perspectives twist and change like a kaleidoscope. Especially when the once black and white fades into a misty gray that nearly blinds you both. But we’ve managed to do it somehow.

This weekend was epic. We talked and laughed. We sat in silence. We looked each other in the eye. And told the truth. We acted dumb and silly, and we acted smart and serious.  There may have been a powdered sugar incident.


We walked in a cemetary, sang in a bar, took a tourist-y tour or two, walked down St. Charles, and down Bourbon. We walked along the river, ate beingets, drank coffee. Explored a unique house or two, took streetcars at night, crossed the Mississippi (thanks, Janet, Bex, and Mary!), ate chocolate for breakfast, and took in some incredible jazz. And that’s just the stuff I can tell out loud!!!!!!

I feel like I’ve been on a month’s vacation. That’s how much good was done in my heart. I feel challenged to be a better me because of hanging out with her. I can tell that girl how I really feel about anything. She may or may not agree, but she’ll still be on my side. I’m so grateful for friendship. It is to me one of life’s most precious gifts. Laughter doeth good like a medicine… and we’ve had a near overdose.

So thanks, Christy, for teaching me how to be a friend, grow a friendship, disagree and still love, and risk being vulnerable. Thanks for paving the way for me to have the richest of friendships with the other jewels God has bedazzled into my life. Thanks for the gift of knowing. Thanks for the gift of acceptance. Thanks for coming 777 miles to make crazy, profound, embarrassing memories with me.  And dear reader, should you find yourself thinking, “I don’t have a friend like this.”  GET ONE!!!


And Christy?

THAT’s ya’ll boyfriend!!




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