Goodbye, Old Friend

A sad goodbye was said today. My old buddy, the Melitta Mill and Brew Coffee Maker bit the dust.

I have no memory of where I got this coffeemaker, but I’ve loved it. I think he came along in the aftermath of Katrina.  I don’t remember buying him, but don’t remember having him before the storm.  Wierd, I know.  Anyway, it grinds and brews. It’s programmable, so it has greeted me with hot coffee many mornings. Ol’ Mill and Brew had one drawback. He was a lil’ complicated…needed somebody who knew just which buttons to push, just how to make him work. So I was saddened to discover that someone worked Mill without that special touch. A tiny little tab that held the top closed during brewing and grinding was snapped off.


See it there in my hand? The tiniest little piece broken off and the whole pot gone to…. well… gone to pot!

There are a lot of lessons in this. I stared at that tiny broken piece and God reminded me that sometimes the most insignificant seeming piece can be the difference between working and not working. I’m reminded that God values me, even when I feel like the tiniest piece of forgotten black plastic. He values the little ones in my home and expects me to do the same. He values the small details like smiling while I help my husband and holding back a remark about what I’d rather be doing. He values the itty bitty details like remembering a name, taking time to notice when someone’s had a bad day, and looking my kids in the eye. Little things, my friends. They DO make a big difference.

Sometimes I get frustrated because I can’t pull off the big stuff. It was nice to be reminded that it’s the little stuff that often makes the biggest difference.



These are the new guys!  I couldn’t afford another Mill and Brew (those things are EXPENSIVE, makes it even more puzzling that I don’t recall paying that much for a coffee maker…still no clue where I got it…but I have a feeling some kind soul gave him to me.  Thank you, whoever you are!) so I got a Wal-mart special and a cheap-o grinder.  I think I’ll call them Sylvester and Tweety!

In other news, have ya’ll seen YouVersion?  No clue how I’ve survived this long without this app.  It even reads OUT LOUD to me!  I can set it on my daily reading and it reads scripture to me while I’m getting dressed, doing makeup, whatever.  I’m into this, ya’ll.

Also, MY BABY DROVE for the first time!  I know.  It’s crazy!!  I’m so proud of her.  She did great!  Driver’s Ed class and permit, here we come.  He’p me, Jesus!


Also here’s a couple shots of last Thursday evening with the Jeffries-Hyman family.  We bake, yall!


Mackenzie’s rosary bread for the St. Joseph Altar.

20130317-223146.jpg The whole gang workin’ away!!

Man, my life is full of good things!  Love!!!


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