Birthday Fun

This week we reached a milestone: Levi turned 10! That’s a whole decade I’ve been mom to this incredible boy.


Levi brings a smile everywhere he goes. He’s funny and witty. His voice is unmistakeable and though I have to remind him to be a little more quiet sometimes, I love hearing that voice. He can sing like an angel. As a matter of fact, a complaint from one of his teachers was that he would “sing out” in class. Regarding that complaint, Levi told his Papa and Nana: “When you got a song in your head, you just hafta sing it!” Levi is kind and caring. He’s a great big brother, and a great little brother too. Two nights before his birthday, Halloween night, we were heading out to another neighborhood to attend trick-or-treat festivities. I was especially tired from a long day at work and wasn’t really looking forward to going. Levi noticed I was dragging and said, “If it helps you, Mama, I’d be happy not to go.”

That’s Levi. That’s my amazing kid. And of course I replied “Just for saying that, baby, I’m definitely takin’ you!”

We had a blast for his special day. Since Disney celebrated his birthday with the release of Wreck-it Ralph, Dwayne took Levi and a couple of friends to see the film. They had an awesome time, since Dwayne has a knack for knowing what ten year old boys will think is “SO COOL!” They no doubt frazzled a few movie theatre employees and then headed back to the house for pizza.


And Whoopie Pies!! (Nothing better for ten year old boys than eating something with “whoopie” in the name. Whoopie cushion references were in plentifulsupply.)  The whoopie pies were unbelievable if I do say so myself.  Something a little different, not really any more difficult than regular ol’ cupcakes but SO much fun to eat and they taste fantastic.  Think Oreo Cakesters but homemade and better tasting.  Quite fitting for young boys dontcha think?



They laughed and yelled and made tons of noise and played Wii. I went to sleep to the sound of boys laughing and woke up to the same sound.

Hanging out with ten year old boys is good medicine. They’ve got the effervescence of testosterone, but haven’t yielded to it’s total control. They’re bright-eyed, full of energy and fun. They’re a mix of all that’s right with the world.

Next morning, birthday pancakes, of course!


An awesome celebration of an awesome young man.  Levi grew inside me during a very difficult time in my life.  He kicked around in there and provided a much needed reminder that God wasn’t finished with me yet.  Once I sat, very pregnant, on the couch at my mom and dads and my brother sat next to me.  Levi’s hand or elbow poked right at my belly button. You could see him poking it out, almost as if to say hello.  So I poked in.  Levi poked back.  Then my brother poked at him and he poked back again.  We played around with him for a while, having the most fun thinking he was playing back.  I’m still convinced he was.  He was a delight to me then, and has never ceased to be an absolute pleasure.  I’m lucky to be his mama.








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